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September 2013
From NICHCY’s Quick Tips for Disseminators series


Why use social media? Because it works!

Many projects are reluctant to use Twitter or Facebook to disseminate resources, because they aren’t sure how to measure its effectiveness. But you can!

Take a look at your website analytics | Want to know if your social media posts are really getting your resources used? Examine your website analytics.

Here’s an example | Below, we’ve included a screenshot of the Google Analytics report on one page of NICHCY’s website. It shows you two upward “bumps” in our website traffic for that ONE page.


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The Details

What’s the webpage? | The webpage in question is our research summary on Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities, 1995-2006: A Meta-Analysis. It was first published in March of 2012.

Time period of the analytics | The report from Google Analytics (shown above) covers the period of December 29, 2012 to January 28, 2013.

Average daily pageviews | The research summary got an average of 5.5 daily views in the first half of the period.

Bump 1! | On January 14, 2013, we published a blog that linked to this and several other research summaries. On that day, the page’s views jumped to 14, more than two and a half times the average for that page.

Bump 2! | Nine days later, we featured the research summary page on our Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter pages. On that day, the page’s views jumped to 23, more than four times the average for that page.

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So What?

This isn’t just a story. It’s evidence that you can drive traffic to your website via social media. It also shows that social media isn’t just for family audiences.

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What You Can Do

  • Try it before you buy it — ask us at the National Dissemination Center to share your resource on social media. Then, check your website analytics to see if there was an impact.
  • Follow NICHCY on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest to see what kinds of resources and language we use to engage followers.
  • Join the Dissemination Community of Practice to exchange tips and ideas with other technical assistance providers.

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