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Created especially for projects in OSEP’s Technical Assistance and Dissemination network
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May 2013
24 pages, when printed.

NICHCY has developed an online tool called Build-a-Plan to help you build dissemination plans for your TA&D project. This workbook is designed to help you use the Build-a-Plan tool.

The first chapter of the workbook guides you through 4 key steps in dissemination planning, with many supporting examples. Those steps are:

1 | Identify dissemination goals

2 | List your target audience(s)

3 | Describe each audience in detail

4 | Apply this information to create a plan for each new product or tool you dissemination

Your notes from this planning stage will guide your work in the Build-a-Plan tool, which is explained step by step in the second chapter of the workbook, including screenshots and examples. Chapter 3 highlights other features of the tool, including

  • saving plans as Word or PDF files,
  • emailing plans to your project colleagues or your Project Officer, and
  • deleting plans you no longer need.

We hope that this workbook will help project staff to both think about and plan for effective dissemination of information resources.

Suggestion | We recommend that the first time you use the Build-a-Plan tool, you create a a dissemination plan for a specific product or service you’ll be releasing in the next month or two—save the big, complicated projects for when you’ve had a chance to get familiar with the tool.

Following this process will help ensure that your dissemination plan will emerge in a brief, tidy, organized format that you can share with your Project Officer, advisors, and staff. The plan is also available to guide all your dissemination activities in future. You can use the Build-a-Plan tool as often as you like to edit your plan or develop new plans.

Where’s the tool? | Access the Build-a-Plan tool at:

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