Indicator 14 | Participation in Postsecondary Settings One Year After Graduation

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Photo of a young woman with a disability in a job interview.Updated, April 2013

Indicator 14 concerns itself with the outcomes that youth with disabilities achieve once they exit high school. It reads:

Percent of youth who are no longer in secondary school, had IEPs in effect at the time they left school, and were:

A. Enrolled in higher education within one year of leaving high school.

B. Enrolled in higher education or competitively employed within one year of leaving high school.

C. Enrolled in higher education or in some other postsecondary education or training program; or competitively employed or in some other employment within one year of leaving high school.  [20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3)(B)]


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Resources to Support Data Gathering for Indicator 14

Guidance documents on Indicator 14.

How are we doing?
What’s the current status of youth with disabilities after leaving secondary school? What are the data telling us? Read this summary from 2011.

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Resources to Support Improved Postschool Outcomes

Tools, and more tools.
Is your state trying to develop strategies for collecting and using data to improve secondary, transition, and post-secondary outcomes for youth with disabilities? Does your state need technical assistance to improve systems for postschool outcome data collection and use? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may wish to visit the National Post School Outcomes Center, which offers quite an array of tools for calculating and reporting this Indicator.

Join NPSO’s community of practice.
The National Post-School Outcomes Center conducts monthly events the 2nd Thursday of each month. This provides the opportunity to interact with presenters, learn from other states, and learn from one another.

Join the Exiting – Part B Community.
Perhaps the Exiting-Part B Community may interest you. It discusses issues around transition, graduation, postsecondary education, employment, and postschool outcomes.

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