Impartial Hearings Under the IDEA: Legal Issues and Answers

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April 2012Impartial hearings under the IDEA

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This updated Question-and-Answer document is specific to impartial hearing officers (IHOs) and the impartial hearings that they conduct under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). It does not cover the IHO’s remedial authority, which is the subject of separate comprehensive coverage. The sources are limited to the pertinent IDEA legislation and regulations, court decisions and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education’s (OSEP) policy letters that the author’s research has revealed. Thus, the answers are subject to revision or qualification based on 1) applicable state laws; 2) additional legal sources beyond those cited; and 3) independent interpretation of the cited and additional pertinent legal sources. (from source)

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APA Citation:   Zirkel, P. (2011, December). Impartial hearings under the IDEA: Legal issues and answers. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Directors of Special Education.

Author:  Zirkel, Perry A.

Title:  Impartial Hearings Under the IDEA: Legal Issues and Answers.

Year:   2011

Publisher:  National Association of State Directors of Special Education

Pages:  1-24

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