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February 2012

Looking for research-based information to guide your work with children with disabilities? You’ve come to the right place! We’re pleased to connect you to the knowledge base that the field has accumulated over years of investigation and practice.


Research Basics
Learn all about education research:  how it’s conducted, how to read and understand a research article, sources of research on special education and disabilities, which research you can trust, and where to find it.

Research Summaries
More and more these days parents, educators, and policy makers are asking what the research evidence has to say about working with children who have disabilities. What classroom strategies, behavioral supports, and other educational interventions have strong foundations in scientific research to inform and guide practice? We’re pleased to offer you connections to quality research and will be continually adding resources to our research collection.

Evidence for Education
NICHCY’s online Evidence for Education modules and downloadable PDFs explore the best evidence-based practices education has to offer. What sort of information will you find here? First, you’ll find an easy-to-read review of educational research relating to specific academic or behavioral interventions. You’ll also find practical examples of the topic at hand. Finally, you’ll find connections to more detailed resources to assist you in moving the research into practice. There are four issues in the Evidence for Education series:

Assessment and Accommodations
What accommodations are appropriate for which students? How do accommodations affect students’ learning and their performance on tests?

Effective Mathematics Instruction
What do you do when disability affects a student’s ability to learn math skills? That’s the reality for literally millions of students in our schools; certain disabilities do add to the challenge of learning an already challenging subject.

The Power of Strategy Instruction
Strategy instruction is a powerful student-centered approach to teaching that is backed by years of quality research.

Social Skills and Academic Achievement
What do we mean when we talk about social skills? What’s their  impact on behavior and academics? What does the research have to say about social skills interventions and programs for children with disabilities?


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