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Looking for information, resources, and technical assistance (TA) to help you and others support children with disabilities in their least restrictive environment in school? Here’s a starter list of places to look online. These will surely lead you to more.

The resources below are excepted from:

Building the Capacity of Educators to Provide High Quality Services to Students with Disabilities in General Education Settings [1],  with additional resources included by NICHCY.


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Reflecting on the Meaning of LRE

Questions and Answers on the LRE Requirements of the IDEA —
U. S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

Inclusion, Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), Mainstreaming —

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Availability of Accessible Materials

National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials.


Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic).

How to develop state guidelines for access assistants: Scribes, readers, and sign language interpreters.

Universal design of assessments (Online manual).

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Building Instructional Capacity and Skill of Educators

OESE Center on Instruction.

National Center on Universal Design for Learning.

IRIS Center for Training Enhancements.
Online professional development modules on a wide range of “how-to” practices that support inclusion of students with disabilities, such as accommodations, assessment, progress monitoring, behavior, differentiated instruction, and much more—

Creating an inclusive school environment: A model for school leaders.

Supports, modifications, and accommodations for students.

Accommodations and strategies for different disbilities.
Info on what types of accommodations are appropriate for specific disabilities, namely: Autism | Mental Retardation | Learning Disability | Other Health Impaired | Emotionally Disturbed | Visually Impaired | Hearing Impaired | Orthopedically Impaired

Progress Monitoring Tools Chart.

FAQs: Curriculum-based measurement in math.

FAQs: Curriculum-based measurement in reading.

Preparing educators to teach students with disabilities in an era of standards-based reform and accountability.

Inclusive schooling (Professional Learning Module).

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Federally funded TA Centers

OSEP’s TA&D Network.
TA&D focuses on improving outcomes for students with disabilities by building capacity in the educational system

OESE’s Comprehensive Center Network.

LRE Part B Community of Practice.

Reading Rockets.

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center.

Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Family Center on Technology and Disability.

Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd).

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LRE Materials from Individual States

Even if you don’t live in the States making these resources available, you’ll find good guidance about LRE decision making in all of the materials below.

AK | Alaska | Adapting Teaching Techniques to Meet Individual Needs

AZ | Arizona | 100 General Accommodations

CA | California |  LRE Resources Project —

CA | California |  Information on LRE —

CA | California |  Implementation of programs and services for students with disabilities in the LRE —

CT | Connecticut | Least Restrictive Environment Initiative

DE | Delaware | Guidelines for Inclusion

DE | Delaware | Accessible Instructional Materials

FL | Florida | Least Restrictive Environment Considerations Related to Individual Educational Plans

GA | Georgia | LRE Decision-Making Model —

IA | Iowa | Least Restrictive Environment

IL | Illinois | LRE Clearinghouse

KS | Kansas |Educational Placement and Least Restrictive Environment

KS | Least Restrictive Environment (see Chapter 8)

KY | Kentucky | Kentucky Accessible Materials Database

LA | Louisiana | Standards for Building Inclusive Schools

LA | Louisiana | Access Guide: Locate Strategies, Accommodations, and Technologies for the LA Comprehensive Curriculum

ME | Maine | Least Restrictive Environment
An entire page full of materials and resources for educators.

MN | Minnesota | Special Education in the Classroom

MT | Montana | Best Practices for Instruction
Lots and lots of resources!

NC | North Carolina | Lots of instructional support materials.
At the link below, you’ll see tabs across the top of the page, such as “Disability Resources” and “Instructional Resources.” Check out what’s available under the tabs!

NE | Nebraska | Assessment and Instruction of Students with Disabilities

NJ | Array of Supports for Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Programs

NJ | Developing an IEP for Educating Students with Disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment —

NV | Nevada | Instructional and Assessment Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

NV | Accommodations Form for Students Participating in Special Education Programs and the NPEP

OH | Ohio | Preschool Special Education: Least Restrictive Environment

WV | West Virginia | Educating students with disabilities in the LRE

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[1] Developed by the Facilitator Team for the LRE Part B Community of Practice, based on a review of research and literature, as well as on the team’s experience in providing technical assistance.

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