Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students

September 2010 For many students with disabilities—and for many without—the key to success in the classroom lies in having appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications made to the instruction and other classroom activities. Some adaptations are as simple as moving a distractible student to the front of the class or away from the pencil sharpener or the window. Other modifications may involve changing the way that material is … [Read more...]

Accommodations in Assessment

September 2010 This info in Spanish | Esta información en español IDEA requires that students with disabilities take part in state or districtwide assessments. These are tests that are periodically given to all students to measure achievement. It is one way that schools determine how well and how much students are learning. This page will tell you how students with disabilities participate in this type of testing. Here's a quick … [Read more...]

Assessment and Accommodations

by Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D., & Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D.Evidence for Education, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2007 Resources updated, October 2010Download PDFTable of Contents Introduction The Big Picture: Expectations, Content, and Testing Deciding Which Accommodations a Student Needs Types of Accommodations What Does the Research Say? What About Alternate Assessments? The Value of Progress Monitoring Conclusion References The world is full of examples of accommodations … [Read more...]

Synthesizing the Effects of Test Accommodations for Special Education and Limited English Proficient Students

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 20 describes the following: Title | Synthesizing the Effects of Test Accommodations for Special Education and Limited English Proficient Students Author | Chiu, C.W.T., & Pearson, P.D. Source | Paper presented at the National Conference on Large Scale Assessment, June 13-16, Snowbird, UT. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 433 362) Year Published | 1999 Abstract Test accommodations for special … [Read more...]

The Effects of Test Accommodation on Test Performance: A Review of the Literature

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 74 describes the following: Title | The Effects of Test Accommodation on Test Performance: A Review of the Literature Authors | Sireci, S.G., Li, S., & Scarpati, S. Source | Center for Educational Assessment, Research Report No. 485.  Amherst, MA:  School of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Year Published | 2006 Abstract Over 150 studies pertaining to test accommodations were identified … [Read more...]

Accommodating students with psychiatric disabilities

This is a tidy little resource for teachers from DO-IT. With a minimum of words and pages, it describes how psychiatric disabilities (e.g., bipolar, anxiety, depression) can affect student learning and offers excellent guidance on classroom and testing accommodations that can really help students. … [Read more...]

Academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities

Understanding the implications of learning disabilities, preparing to teach students with diverse characteristics, and learning to accommodate students with learning disabilities are essential for faculty and staff to provide academic and career opportunities for these students that are equivalent to those provided to their non disabled peers. This resource from DO-IT discusses the learning characteristics of those with LD, and provides guidance on … [Read more...]

Grading and students with disabilities

Grading is a complex topic that involves philosophical, pedagogical, and pragmatic issues for all students, and especially for those with disabilities. This introduction to grading will give teachers the research base, teacher tools, and case studies. (Posted July 26, 2011) … [Read more...]

Accommodations: Instructional and testing supports for students with disabilities

Accommodations: Instructional and Testing Supports for Students with Disabilities is a professional development and training module for educators. The module provides an overview of accommodations for students with disabilities. (posted April 24, 2013) … [Read more...]

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