Developmental Delay

Updated March 2012 NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet No. 9 (FS9) PDF version If you're reading this, perhaps you're concerned about your child's development. We're glad you're here, because there are many immediate things you can do to help your son or daughter. First, know that there's help available to find out just what the difficulties are, if any, and address those difficulties. The good news is that this help is usually free, and … [Read more...]

Babies & Toddlers

Babies are such a nice way to start people. —Don Herald In Spanish | En español The birth of a child is an exciting, life-changing event. A beautiful new baby comes to your house, family, and neighborhood. It is a time for celebration. Family members look at the new child and wonder: Will he be a football star, will she be a famous musician, will he discover the cure for cancer, will she become President of the United States? But what … [Read more...]

Overview of Early Intervention

Esta información en español | This information in Spanish December 2012 If you're concerned about the development of an infant or toddler, or you suspect that a little one has a disability, this page will summarize one terrific source of help---the early intervention system in your state. Early intervention services can help infants and toddlers with disabilities or delays to learn many key skills and catch up in their development. There's … [Read more...]

Developmental Milestones

September 2010 | Links updated, February 2013 In Spanish | En español Childhood is a time of tremendous growth and learning. How very exciting to be a baby...or a two-year-old... or get on a school bus for the first time. There's so much to know! We all come into the world like small waiting sponges, ready to absorb what's around us. Yet we're all different, too---another of life's little marvels. We also develop at different rates. Some … [Read more...]

Writing the IFSP for Your Child

Updated, December 2012 After your young child's evaluation is complete and he or she is found eligible for early intervention services, you, as parents, and a team will meet to develop a written plan for providing early intervention services to your child and, as necessary, to your family. This plan is called the Individualized Family Service Plan, or IFSP. The IFSP is a very important document, and you, as parents, are important members … [Read more...]

Services in Your State for Infants and Toddlers

September 2010 In Spanish | en español Early intervention services are specially designed to address the educational and developmental needs of very young children with disabilities and those who are experiencing developmental delays. Early intervention provides free developmental evaluations of children younger than 3 (that is to say, before their third birthday) and helps families find services for their little one. These services are … [Read more...]

Effective Practices in Early Intervention

September 2010 Resources updated, February 2013 A critical part of improving developmental and educational results for children with disabilities is using effective practices in early intervention, wherever services are being provided---an agency setting, the home, and across the child's natural environment.An impressive knowledge base of experience has been built on the delivery of early intervention services.  NICHCY is pleased to launch you into … [Read more...]

Part C of IDEA: Early Intervention for Babies and Toddlers

November 2011 Early intervention services for infants and toddlers with disabilities (birth-3) have been a part of IDEA since 1986. This section of the law is commonly known as Part C of IDEA.** Regulations for Part C What's changed? | OSEP's non-regulatory summary Model IFSP form Training module 1 | The Basics of Early Intervention (new!) How to find early intervention services in your community __________________________________________ Regulations … [Read more...]

Importance of early intervention for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families

This fact sheet from NECTAC provides a brief overview of the Part C program and quick facts from the research on early brain development, the importance of intervening early, the benefits of early intervention, and current unmet needs. It is meant to be used as a tool to communicate with policymakers, pediatricians, families, and community leaders about the importance of high quality services for infants and toddlers with or at risk for developmental … [Read more...]

How states are addressing the needs of substance-exposed infants

An estimated 400,000-440,000 infants (10-11% of all births) each year are affected by prenatal alcohol or illicit drug exposure. This new report from the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) examines state policy on this issue, looking at: prevention, intervention, identification, and treatment of prenatal substance exposure, including services for the infant, the mother, and the family.     … [Read more...]

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