Developmental Delay

Updated March 2012 NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet No. 9 (FS9) PDF version If you're reading this, perhaps you're concerned about your child's development. We're glad you're here, because there are many immediate things you can do to help your son or daughter. First, know that there's help available to find out just what the difficulties are, if any, and address those difficulties. The good news is that this help is usually free, and … [Read more...]

When Should We Begin? A Comprehensive Review of Age of Start in Early Intervention

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 23 describes the following: Title | When Should We Begin? A Comprehensive Review of Age of Start in Early Intervention Author | Kim, Y-W., Innocenti, M., & Kim, J-K Source | South Korea, ERIC (Education) Year Published | 1996 Abstract This literature review examines whether verifiable evidence supports the supposition that early interventions result in better child developmental outcomes than later interventions … [Read more...]

The Efficacy of Early Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 52 describes the following: Title| The Efficacy of Early Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis Author | Casto, G., & Mastropieri, M.A. Source | Exceptional Children, 52(5), 417-424. Year Published | 1986 Abstract Meta-analysis techniques were used to statistically combine findings from 74 primary research studies investigating the effectiveness of early intervention with preschoolers with disabilities. … [Read more...]

Detect hearing loss early via the EHDI program

EDHI stands for Early Hearing Detection & Intervention. EDHI programs  are located in states and territories and are designed to identify infants with hearing loss.For info in English info in Spanish  … [Read more...]

Typical behavior challenges in the early years

Visit ZERO TO THREE’s set of resources designed to help parents better understand and cope with some of the typical challenges in children’s early years: aggression, defiance, inconsolable crying, slow-to-warm-up children, and sleep. (posted October 2011) … [Read more...]

Individualizing interventions: A toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help mental health consultants guide teachers, teams, and families in developing and implementing an individualized plan of support that reduces challenging behavior in young children and promotes communication and social skills. From the Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation. … [Read more...]

Video | Child outcomes, step by step

This video describes and illustrates the three child outcomes adopted by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and reported on by all state early intervention (Part C) and preschool special education (Part B/619) programs as part of their Annual Performance Report (APR). The video explains functioning necessary for each child to be an active and successful participant at home, in the community, and in other places like a child care program … [Read more...]

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