Autism Spectrum Disorders

Fact Sheet 1 (FS1) June 2010 Aprox. 6 pages when printed. PDF version Sobre el autismo | About autism in Spanish __________________________________________________________ Ryan's Story What are the characteristics of autism? What are the disorders on the spectrum? How common is autism? What causes autism? ASD diagnoses in the future Is there help available? What about school? Tips for parents Tips … [Read more...]

What Does the Law Say?

April 2012Read the article (PDF) About the ArticleThe article presents questions and answers related to educational law in the U.S., including how the response to intervention (RTI) process is interpreted in the court system, how the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) impacts children with Asperger's syndrome, and how mental retardation is legally defined.Back to topGeneral InformationRead the article: … [Read more...]

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