What is Basis of Knowledge?

September 2010 Can IDEA’s discipline protections be applied to, or claimed by, children not previously determined to be eligible for special education and related services under IDEA? Perhaps an example would clarify what this question is really asking. Suppose this situation: A student who has not yet been found to be a "child with a disability" under IDEA has violated a code of student conduct. The school system takes disciplinary action … [Read more...]

Module 19: Key Issues in Discipline

by Renee Bradley Office of Special Education Programs U.S. Department of Education October 2007 English only slideshow Handouts for Participants in English and in Spanish Module 19 discusses IDEA's very specific procedures for disciplining students with disabilities who violate a code of student conduct. These have changed significantly from prior law, where they were first introduced. Can a school suspend or expel a student with a disability … [Read more...]

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