Behavior Assessment, Plans, and Positive Supports

Revised, December 2009 Links updated, May 2013 Why is a student exhibiting challenging behavior? Behavioral assessments can help you answer that question. They also are helpful in developing a behavioral intervention plan that reduces problem behavior, including positive behavior supports.  NICHCY is pleased to focus this page in our Behavior Suite on these three elements:  conducting behavioral assessments, developing behavior plans, and … [Read more...]

Behavior at School

November 2009 Links updated, May 2013 Behavior at school. What a gigantic topic, for families and schools alike. NICHCY is pleased to connect you with resources for helping children with disabilities with respect to behavior at school. School presents a unique challenge for children with behavior issues. Teachers need tools to use to help provide support and guidance.  Administrators need methods for creating a positive learning atmosphere … [Read more...]

Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the reasons for problem behavior and developing a behavior plan

This IRIS Center training module explores the basic principles of behavior and the importance of discovering the reasons that students engage in problem behavior. The steps to conducting a functional behavioral assessment and developing a behavior plan are described. … [Read more...]

Training school personnel to conduct FBAs

Practical Functional Behavioral Assessment Training Manual for School-Based Personnel is a product of the PBIS Center, which focuses on helping school systems address student challenging behavior through the use of positive behavioral interventions and supports. This guide is designed to train school-based personnel with flexible roles in a school to conduct practical functional behavioral assessments (FBA). (Posted April 2011) … [Read more...]

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