Mental Health Resources

Updated February 2013There are many, many organizations and groups that deal with mental health. This page will help you find the one or ones that offer the type of assistance, intervention, or information you're seeking. Also be sure to check the Related Information on the right sidebar!We've organized the information into the following sections:If it's a crisis...NICHCY quick connectionsBe sure to come hereFind mental health servicesMental health … [Read more...]

Early symptoms of bipolar disorder

Recent research found that people that had elation or irritability symptoms but not bipolar disorder were more than two times more likely to develop bipolar disorder three years later. (posted August 10, 2012) … [Read more...]

Educator’s guide to bipolar disorder

This guide provides a discussion of various dimensions of pediatric bipolar disorder. Contents cover (a) definition, diagnosis, and symptoms; (b) bipolar disorder, the brain, and learning; (c) treatment approaches; and (d) school accommodations. From the Balanced Mind Foundation. (posted August 23, 2012)   … [Read more...]

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