Visual Impairment, Including Blindness

NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet 13 (FS13) November 2012 Approximately 7 pages when printed.PDF versionEn español | In SpanishTable of Contents Julian's storyVisual impairments in childrenTypes of visual impairmentSigns of a visual impairmentHow common are visual impairments?Understanding how children with VIs learnThe help available under IDEAHow IDEA defines visual impairmentWorking with the medical communityAdapting the environmentEducational considerationsTips … [Read more...]

Special Factors in IEP Development

September 2010 Resources updated, March 2013  The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) lists five special factors that the IEP team must consider in the development, review, and revision of each child’s IEP. Read IDEA's exact words.The discussion below will highlight the importance of these special factors in the education of children with disabilities and the need for individualized consideration of these factors in IEP development … [Read more...]

Considering Blindness and Visual Impairment

A resource for IEP Teams December 2010 PDF version This checklist is originally included as a Resource for Trainers in Theme D of NICHCY’s Building the Legacy training curriculum on IDEA. It was adapted from the Nebraska Department of Education’s Nebraska IEP Technical Assistance Guide (1998, September). That document is no longer available online, but an updated version is. We've provided the updated checklist below. Find the entire … [Read more...]

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