Effective Practices in the Classroom and School

October 2011 A critical part of improving educational results for children with disabilities is using effective practices in the classroom and across the school. Special educators have built an impressive knowledge base across 30 years of experience individualizing instruction for children and administering special education and related services in our schools. NICHCY is pleased to make that knowledge base available to you, in the following … [Read more...]

Understanding How The Brain Learns

Links updated, April 2013This page connects you with resources of more information on the ever-developing story of brain research, which has brought an explosion of excitement and promise to our understanding of ourselves. As we discover more and more about the brain and its function, responsibilities, and organization, we hopefully can translate findings into educational programs, practices, and policies that take advantage of what we've learned … [Read more...]

Neuroscience and special education

This 2011 policy analysis from Project Forum at the National Association of State Directors of Special Education discusses how findings from neuroscience are being applied to special education, describes outcomes from the research bridging the two fields, and discusses how institutions of higher education are creating interdisciplinary links between the two. The analysis also profiles three programs currently serving children with disabilities that … [Read more...]

Teaching tools based on brain facts

Looking for strategies to better engage students and pique their interests? Brainfact.org has a collection of multimedia resources for teachers develop engaging and interactive lessons. (posted September 21, 2012)http://www.brainfacts.org/educators/ … [Read more...]

6 tips for brain-based learning

In this free classroom resource guide, you’ll get practical tips across the K-12 spectrum -- a reading list and a variety of resources to help you learn more about this fascinating field. To help you and your students learn more about their own brain power, Edutopia has also included a bonus project that will get students thinking critically about how they learn. (posted March 1, 2013)http://www.edutopia.org/brain-based-learning-strategies-resource-guide  … [Read more...]

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