The Facts on Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities

by Elaine Mulligan With special thanks to Eileen Ahearn of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) for her content expertise and advice PDF version November, 2011 | Resources updated, May 2013 _________________________________ Alert! Alert!  Because NICHCY’s website will only remain online until September 30, 2014, most of its rich content has moved to a new home, the Center for Parent Information … [Read more...]

Students with disabilities in charter schools

As more and more parents consider charter schools as an alternative to noncharter public schools for their children with special needs, special education in charters deserves a critical look. This info brief examines the challenges and successes of special education in charter schools, including issues related to enrollment, legal identity, infrastructure, school choice, and virtual charters. From the National Center for Technology Innovation.  (posted … [Read more...]

Implementing Inclusion in Charter Schools

by Dr. Chloé MarshallDr. Chloé Marshall is Principal of Imagine Hope charter school's Tolson campus, serving students in pre-K through 8th grades in Northeast Washington, DC. She has committed her life to advancing the academic and social agenda of all students. In this guest blog for NICHCY, she describes the ways in which she supports inclusive practices in one urban charter school.Imagine . . .Imagine a landscape of dancing lilies, billowing … [Read more...]

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