The Efficacy of Early Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 52 describes the following: Title| The Efficacy of Early Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis Author | Casto, G., & Mastropieri, M.A. Source | Exceptional Children, 52(5), 417-424. Year Published | 1986 Abstract Meta-analysis techniques were used to statistically combine findings from 74 primary research studies investigating the effectiveness of early intervention with preschoolers with disabilities. … [Read more...]

A Meta-Analysis of Intervention Research with Problem Behavior: Treatment Validity and Standards of Practice

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 60 describes the following: Title | A Meta-Analysis of Intervention Research with Problem Behavior: Treatment Validity and Standards of Practice Authors | Scotti, J.R., Evans, I.M., Meyer, L.H., & Walker, P. Source | American Journal on Mental Retardation, 96(3), 233-56. Year Published | 1991 Abstract Used meta-analysis to evaluate standards of practice (SOP) and validity of treatment outcomes in studies … [Read more...]

Sexuality and developmental disability: A guide for parents

This 15-pager comes from the Calgary Health Region. … [Read more...]

Intellectual disability and Medicaid

The Medicaid Reference Desk is a resource for people with intellectual disabilities and their families to learn about Medicaid and other public benefits, services, and supports. … [Read more...]

Self-determination and independent living e-course

This seven-hour self-directed e-learning course has been created to help people with developmental disabilities, their parents, family members and friends, educators, and service providers understand the important concepts of self-determination, family support, community living and assistive technology. The course focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities, their family, and friends explore these four important elements that, together, … [Read more...]

For parents of children with developmental disabilities

Here's a 3-hour self-directed course that's been created to help parents of children with developmental disabilities understand and maximize the special education system. The course focuses on a child's right to a free appropriate public education, the laws that protect those rights and offers practical ways that parents can ensure that their children benefit from an inclusive education. The course reviews IDEA 2004 and includes current thinking on … [Read more...]

Employment and people with developmental disabilities

This six-hour self-study online course is designed to help people with developmental disabilities find meaningful jobs and plan a career. In this course, participants will create a resume or portfolio of their strengths, skills, and interests; learn how to network and identify potential employers; prepare for an interview; and understand the hiring process. The course has been updated to include information on ways that people with autism and other … [Read more...]

Postsecondary education and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Here's the lengthy title: Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Critical Review of the State of Knowledge and a Taxonomy to Guide Future Research. This policy brief is available from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community (ICI) Integration. The brief reviews the state of knowledge and research practice in the emerging field of postsecondary education for students with intellectual … [Read more...]

New potentials: Rethinking disability through my sister’s eyes

by Lisa Tolentino September 22, 2011 Lisa Tolentino is an interaction designer, experimental percussionist, and Media Arts and Sciences doctoral student through the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) at Arizona State University. Lisa leads a team of special education teachers, designers, and education researchers to create interactive game-like scenarios where youth with interpersonal challenges (like those in autism) can exercise … [Read more...]

Case management issues with special populations

Case managers have a range of responsibilities, including determining eligibility, conducting comprehensive psycho-socials, doing assessment, setting goals, intervening in a wide range of personal, organizational, and community targets, and tracking client outcomes. However, certain client groups and problem areas may require certain specific focuses. This chapter discusses strategies for providing case management to special populations, including … [Read more...]

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