Disability Awareness

Resources updated, May 2013 NICHCY receives many calls and emails each year from people looking for materials on disability awareness. People need these materials for many different reasons, from classroom instructional units, to Girl Scout information fairs, to school reports. This resource page (what's below) provides just a sample of selected materials available from different organizations. We also receive many requests for information about … [Read more...]

New potentials: Rethinking disability through my sister’s eyes

by Lisa Tolentino September 22, 2011 Lisa Tolentino is an interaction designer, experimental percussionist, and Media Arts and Sciences doctoral student through the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) at Arizona State University. Lisa leads a team of special education teachers, designers, and education researchers to create interactive game-like scenarios where youth with interpersonal challenges (like those in autism) can exercise … [Read more...]

Planning meetings that are accessible to all participants

This publication, Removing Barriers: Planning Meetings that are Accessible to all Participants,  highlights guidelines and strategies to help organizations make their meetings accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities. The guide focuses on small and last-minute meetings to make sure that a variety of participants are included in all aspects of organizational life. (posted September 7, 2012) http://projects.fpg.unc.edu/~ncodh/pdfs/rbmeetingguide.pdf   … [Read more...]

Infusing disability studies into the general curriculum

Just as there is a recognized need to include more children with disabilities into the general education classroom, with access to the general curriculum, there is also a need to infuse that same curriculum with more discussion of disabilities themselves. This 12-page guide provides tips and resources about how to start thinking, talking, and teaching about the meaning and experience of children with disabilities in our schools. (posted February … [Read more...]

NOTICE: The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) is no longer in operation. Our funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) ended on September 30, 2013. Our website and all its free resources will remain available until September 30, 2014.