Writing for the web

This 41-page guide, Writing for the Web: Helping you Improve your Online Communications, comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It emphasizes writing in plain language, using active voice, organizing for the reader, and helping readers scan your content. (posted May 9, 2013)http://www.cms.gov/About-CMS/Agency-Information/Aboutwebsite/downloads/writingforwebw_oTOV.pdf … [Read more...]

Plain language web writing tips

On the web, people are in a hurry. They skim and scan, looking for fast answers to their questions, so it’s important to get to the point - quickly! Use the 1-page checklist of writing tips to help your readers complete their tasks. The checklist summarizes writing considerations for audience, length, tone, voice, word choice, simplifying, links, organization, scan-ability, separating topics, context, testing and evaluating, and training others. … [Read more...]

The Future is Mobile!

September 2013 From NICHCY's Quick Tips for Disseminators series Think about how you access the internet these days...Have you started bringing a tablet to meetings and conferences instead of a laptop? Market research predicts that more tablet computers will be sold in 2013 than laptops--that's a big first in a new trend!NICHCY's seen a HUGE increase in the number of users coming to our website on mobile devices. Check out these stats, and you'll … [Read more...]

Social Media: What Works for Which Audiences?

September 2013 From NICHCY's Quick Tips for Disseminators series You're a technical assistance project -- you need to reach as many people as you can with your resources. Social media can help to increase your reach (when thoughtfully implemented). But which venue is best to reach your intended audience? Is everyone on Twitter now? Who gets information from Facebook? And what's up with LinkedIn? Social media is a constantly changing landscape. … [Read more...]

Google Plus for Collaboration

September 2013 From NICHCY's Quick Tips for Disseminators series How are those conference calls going for you?We're on conference calls all the time -- group calls to collaborate on a presentation, project, or event. Talking with colleagues from around the country is great, but wouldn't it be so much more engaging to see them? And even better, to look at documents together?You can, you know. Hurry on over to Google Plus.Back to topGoogle Plus … [Read more...]

Use Social Media to Drive Website Traffic

September 2013 From NICHCY's Quick Tips for Disseminators series Why use social media? Because it works!Many projects are reluctant to use Twitter or Facebook to disseminate resources, because they aren't sure how to measure its effectiveness. But you can!Take a look at your website analytics | Want to know if your social media posts are really getting your resources used? Examine your website analytics.Here's an example | Below, we've included … [Read more...]

Managing Your Project’s Twitter Account

September 2013 From NICHCY's Quick Tips for Disseminators series Tweet HappensIt's becoming increasingly apparent that organizations that disseminate information and resources can no longer avoid Twitter. With over 200 million active users, Twitter's micro-blogging platform is quickly becoming the most timely and topic-specific platform for information dissemination.Managing your project's Twitter account doesn't need to be a full-time job, … [Read more...]

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