Specific Disabilities

En español | In Spanish NICHCY offers brief, but detailed fact sheets on specific disabilities. Each fact sheet defines the disability, describes its characteristics, offers tips for parents and teachers, and connects you with related information and organizations with special expertise in that disability. Don't see the disability you were looking for listed below? Try our suggestions page. _____________________ Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity … [Read more...]

Down Syndrome

Disability Fact Sheet 4 (FS4) June 2010 PDF version En español | In Spanish In This Publication... Definition of Down syndrome Incidence Characteristics Help for babies and toddlers Help for school-aged children Health considerations Educating students with Down syndrome For high school students with Down syndrome Tips for parents Tips for teachers Organizations Back to top ___________________________ Definition Down … [Read more...]

My Story

by guest blogger David Egan Distribution Clerk at Booz Allen Hamilton and Advocate for People with Disabilities Cross-posted with permission from Disability.gov I recently shared my story as a speaker at the Alliance for Full Participation Summit in November, and today I would like to post some of my thoughts and experiences on Disability.Blog. My name is David Egan, and I have been an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton for 15 years. I believe … [Read more...]

GEMSS: Genetic resources for educators

Approximately 1 in every 20 children nationwide has a genetic or metabolic condition like Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, sickle cell disease, or Phenylketonuria (PKU). The Genetics Education Materials for School Success (GEMSS) website provides educators, other school personnel, and parents with a “one-stop shop” of useful tools and tips for support of students with genetic conditions throughout the school day. Each condition and its symptoms … [Read more...]

Managing behavior challenges with people who have Down syndrome

This article looks at common behavior challenges of children with Down syndrome and discusses what families can do to address those challenges. From the National Down Syndrome Society. (posted December 10, 2012)http://www.ndss.org/Resources/Managing-Behavior/  … [Read more...]

Educator manual | Supporting the student with Down syndrome in your classroom

This educator's manual describes the special educational needs that students with Down syndrome often have and discusses teacher strategies for addressing those needs in the general education classroom. (posted March 1, 2013)http://www.dsawm.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=EdUFKA910ek%3D&tabid=87  … [Read more...]

Early intervention for children with complex communication needs

This website provides guidelines for early intervention to maximize the language and communication development of young children with autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and multiple disabilities. You'll find (1) step-by-step guidelines for early intervention to build language and communication skills, and (2) photographs and videotaped examples of intervention with young children with special needs. (posted March 4, 2013)http://aackids.psu.edu/index.php/page/show/id/1  … [Read more...]

Welcoming babies with Down syndrome

If you're welcoming a new baby with Down syndrome (DS) into your family, you probably have many questions and concerns. This article, written by the mom of a child with Down syndrome, describes the characteristics of the syndrome and gives tips on how to prepare for your child's birth. (posted April 29, 2013) http://www.babycenter.com/0_welcoming-babies-with-down-syndrome_1817.bc … [Read more...]

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