Children (3 to 22)

September 2010 In Spanish | En español The education of children with disabilities is a top national priority. Our nation's special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), sets high standards for their achievement and guides how special help and services are made available in schools to address their individual needs. More than 6 million children with disabilities receive special education and related services … [Read more...]

Evidence for Education

October 2010 NICHCY's online Evidence for Education modules and downloadable PDF's explore the best evidence-based practices education has to offer. So who are they for, exactly? Well, they're for you, exactly--that is, if you're interested in learning more about what works in teaching children with disabilities. Each of us within the education community has a role to play in implementing practices based on the best available evidence--from … [Read more...]

Effective Practices in the Classroom and School

October 2011 A critical part of improving educational results for children with disabilities is using effective practices in the classroom and across the school. Special educators have built an impressive knowledge base across 30 years of experience individualizing instruction for children and administering special education and related services in our schools. NICHCY is pleased to make that knowledge base available to you, in the following … [Read more...]

Connecting with the Expertise of Special Education

Updated July 2012 Links checked, January 2013 Special educators have a tremendous amount of expertise to share, especially about individualizing instruction for students with specific kinds of disabilities and taking into account each child's special needs. Take advantage of the knowledge base that's built up over years of providing special education services to children with disabilities, starting with the section below on Special Education Websites. … [Read more...]

Understanding Universal Design

September 2010 | Links updated, May 2013According to CAST, universal design is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.  Designing instruction with UDL in mind involves three main principles:Providing multiple means of RepresentationProviding multiple means of Action and ExpressionProviding multiple means of Engagement (National UDL Center, 2010)UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional … [Read more...]

Addressing the General Education Curriculum

September 2010 Links updated, May 2013IDEA requires that students with disabilities be involved in, and make progress in, the general education curriculum. This refers to the same subject matter and skills that children without disabilities are expected to learn: math, science, history, and so on. Moreover, most children with disabilities are educated in the general education classroom, alongside their peers who do not have disabilities.To read more … [Read more...]

Social Skills and Academic Achievement

Evidence for Education, Volume III, Issue 2 August 2008 (Links updated, February 2011) by Kathlyn M. Steedly, Ph.D., Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D., Michael Levin, M.A., & Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. PDF version Table of Contents Introduction Social Skills - What Are They? What the Research Says Group 1: Beginning Social Skills What About Maria? Putting Programs Into Practice Conclusion Additional Info References Introduction Maria, … [Read more...]

Effective Mathematics Instruction

by Kathlyn Steedly, Ph.D., Kyrie Dragoo, M.Ed., Sousan Arefeh, Ph.D., & Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. Evidence for Education  • Volume III • Issue I • 2008 Links updated, August 2012 Download PDF Table of Contents What Students Need to Know and We Need To Teach How Disabilities Can Affect Math Achievement Effective Math Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties Choosing and Using Effective Math Intervention Strategies Glossary References _________________________ “Can … [Read more...]

Effective reading interventions for students with LD

Many a teacher, parent, and student with learning disabilities will want to visit this LDonline page. … [Read more...]

High-Quality Math Instruction: What Teachers Should Know

This online training module describes the components of high-quality math instruction: a standards-based curriculum and evidence-based strategies. It also highlights several effective practices teachers can use to teach math. A product of the IRIS Center.   … [Read more...]

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