Future care planning: A roadmap for family caregivers

Future Care Planning: A Roadmap for Family Caregivers is a workbook for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers to help plan for the time when the individuals who may have been the primary caregiver or guardian are longer able to fulfill that role. The roadmap outlines living options, financial planning, involvement of siblings and other family members, and other person-centered planning important to ensuring individuals with disabilities … [Read more...]

Estate planning: 10 must-have documents

When planning for the future, it's essential to have all your documents in order. This blog describes 10 documents parents should have in their estate-planning materials. As a general rule, keep your estate planning documents in a safe place, which is readily accessible in the event they are needed. Parents of children with special needs should also use a binder that contains all the information that future caregivers will need to carry on after … [Read more...]

Creating an estate plan: What you need to know

Establishing an estate plan is an important step in ensuring that your loved one with special needs is taken care of for as long as they need support. This is true whether the child with special needs is still a minor or is now an adult. Planning is especially important when a child is receiving needs-based public assistance, or may require such benefits in the future. So, if you’re estate planning or thinking about it...… you may want to read Planning … [Read more...]

Footprints for the future: A personal planning manual

The Arc of East Middlesex created this manual as a detailed planning tool for parents, where they can document specific and personal information about their son or daughter with special needs---for future caregivers. The manual is extremely well-organized and leads parents through a spectrum of critical topics ranging from their child's disability information, to major illnesses and surgeries, to medical matters, and much, much more.  The author's … [Read more...]

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