Evaluating Children for Disability

September 2010 In Spanish | en español Evaluation is an essential beginning step in the special education process for a child with a disability. Before a child can receive special education and related services for the first time, a full and individual initial evaluation of the child must be conducted to see if the child has a disability and is eligible for special education. Informed parent consent must be obtained before this evaluation may … [Read more...]

Right to Obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation

December 2010 In Spanish | En español If you, as a parent of a child with a disability, do not agree with the results of the individualized evaluation of your child, as conducted by the school system, you have the right to obtain what is known as an Independent Educational Evaluation, or an IEE (§300.502). This means that you may ask that a professional, competent evaluator who is not employed by the school system conduct another evaluation of your … [Read more...]

Module 17: Introduction to Procedural Safeguards

by Theresa Rebhorn and Lisa Küpper NICHCY | National Dissemination Center for Children with DisabilitiesAugust 2007**Este módulo está disponible en español: Introducción a las Garantías ProcesalesProcedural safeguards are an integral part of IDEA's requirements. They represent guarantees for parents and their child with disabilities, as well as offer both school and parents a variety of options for resolving any disagreements. Module 17 provides … [Read more...]

Independent Educational Evaluation Reimbursement under the IDEA: An Update

September 2013 Read the article (PDF) About this Article The 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) legislation and the 2006 IDEA regulations left largely unchanged the parent’s conditional right to obtain an independent educational evaluation (IEE) at public expense. The specified conditions form what amounts to a flowchart-like framework akin to the multi-step test for tuition reimbursement under the IDEA.  The … [Read more...]

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