Top 10 resources on dyslexia

Whether you're just looking to learn the basics on reading disabilities or are delving into the wide world of assistive technology, these articles on dyslexia will help you find the information you need. From LD Online. (Posted December 28, 2011)  … [Read more...]

Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities, 1995–2006: A Meta-Analysis

Author of this structured abstract: Kyrie Dragoo, NICHCY March 2012 PDF version ____________________________ NICHCY Structured Abstract 82 describes the following research synthesis: Title Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities, 1995–2006: A Meta-Analysis Authors Berkeley, S., Scruggs, T.E., & Mastropieri, M.A Source Remedial & Special Education, 31(6), 423-436 Year Published 2010 _____________ Abstract This … [Read more...]

The Legal Meaning of Specific Learning Disability for Special Education Eligibility

April 2012Read the article (PDF)About This ArticleStudents with specific learning disability (SLD) continue to account for a higher proportion of all special education enrollments than any other classification under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Probably the most frequent topic in the special education literature since the 2004 amendments to IDEA has been the movement toward a response-to-intervention (RTI) approach for identifying … [Read more...]

State Laws and Guidelines for Implementing RTI

April 2012Read the article (PDF)About This ArticleThe article discusses a study of U.S. state education agency (SEA) guidelines and state laws regarding the identification of students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) through response to intervention (RTI) programs. The study examined the classification systems for state laws and SEA guidelines and presented this information in several graphs and data tables in the article. The article details … [Read more...]

State Laws for RTI: An Updated Snapshot

April 2012Read the article (PDF)About This ArticleThe article discusses U.S. state laws for response to intervention (RTI). According to the author, RTI is considered to be more effective than the severe discrepancy approach when assessing student eligibility for special education. Topics include an overview of the specific learning disabilities (SLD) procedures outlined in the 2004 Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which no longer … [Read more...]

What is dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects writing, which requires a complex set of motor and information processing skills. Dysgraphia makes the act of writing difficult. It can lead to problems with spelling, poor handwriting, and putting thoughts on paper. This fact sheet from the National Center for Learning Disabilities looks at warning signs of dysgraphia, what strategies can help, and how to approach writing assignments. (posted May 3, … [Read more...]

LD in Your Classroom: 7 Tips for Teachers

by Kori Hamilton National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)Profile of LD at SchoolStudent has difficulty reading. Struggles to connect letters to sounds. May also have messy penmanship or a hard time spelling . Confuses math symbols. Mixes up details of a story, or the sequence of events. Cannot get organized. Has unexpected problems learning to read, speak, write, or do math.Does this sound like someone in your class? … [Read more...]

Intensive interventions for students struggling in reading and math

This publication provides research-based guidance that reflects "best practices" for intensifying instruction in reading and mathematics for students with significant learning difficulties in K-12, including students with disabilities. It can also be used as a resource for instructional specialists and special education teachers who are searching for broad guidelines on the design and delivery of intensive interventions. From the Center on Instruction. … [Read more...]

A Back-to-School Basic: Your Parent Training & Info Center

by Connie Hawkins, LD Professionals © 2012 The National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. For more information, visit I find it slightly amusing to be invited to write an “expert” blog. It has been more than 30 years since a psychologist put labels on the concerns I had about my son, and I vividly remember the strong emotions that experience triggered in me. That day my vision for … [Read more...]

Assistive technology for students with LD

This article from LDonline gives an overview of assistive technology that's helpful to students with learning disabilities. (posted September 7, 2012) … [Read more...]

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