Learn to Implement Effective RTI for Mathematics!

by the IRIS Center The IRIS Center is a national center that provides high-quality resources about students with disabilities for college and university faculty and professional development trainers. Visit IRIS' website to find free, online, interactive training enhancements that translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice. http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/ ******************************************************************************************************** Did … [Read more...]

Intensive interventions for students struggling in reading and math

This publication provides research-based guidance that reflects "best practices" for intensifying instruction in reading and mathematics for students with significant learning difficulties in K-12, including students with disabilities. It can also be used as a resource for instructional specialists and special education teachers who are searching for broad guidelines on the design and delivery of intensive interventions. From the Center on Instruction. … [Read more...]

Math instruction for students with LD: Guide for teachers

This guide for teachers is a companion piece to a meta-analysis that identified 7 effective instructional practices for teaching mathematics to K-12 students with LD. The guide describes these practices and specifies research-based recommendations for students with LD and for students who are experiencing difficulties in learning mathematics but are not identified as having a math learning disability. From the Center on Instruction. (posted July … [Read more...]

Making math accessible to middle schoolers with special needs

This resource is called Accessibility Strategies in Mathematics -- Middle School: Online Guides, and comes from the Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics Project. The goal of the project is to develop professional development models and materials that enable mathematics and special education teachers to make middle school mathematics more accessible to a wide range of students, including those with special needs. Three papers may be downloaded: … [Read more...]

Teaching math to high school students with disabilities

Learn how to make your math class more effective for students with disabilities. SciTrain offers free online courses for teachers that you can take at your own pace and learn about classroom accommodations, adapted tests and laboratories, assistive technology, laws and policies and much, much more. (posted September 7, 2012)http://www.catea.gatech.edu/scitrain/   … [Read more...]

The Common Core State Standards

Updated, November 2012 Links checked, April 2013 You’ve probably heard a lot about this new initiative in education called the Common Core State Standards(CCSS). What’s it all about? How does it relate to you as an educator, administrator, or parent? How does it apply to students, especially those with disabilities? This resource page will help you find answers to questions such as these.Overview of the CCSSWhat’s happening in your state?How … [Read more...]

Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis of Instructional Components

Author of this structured abstract: Kyrie Dragoo, NICHCY January 2013 PDF version ____________________________ NICHCY Structured Abstract 84 describes the following research synthesis: Title Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis of Instructional Components Authors Gersten, R., Chard, D. J., Jayanthi, M., Baker, S. K., Morphy, P., &  Flojo, J. Source Review of Educational Research, … [Read more...]

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