Behavior: The Pressing Classroom Issue

by the IRIS Center The IRIS Center is a national center that provides high-quality resources about students with disabilities for college and university faculty and professional development trainers. Visit IRIS' website to find free, online, interactive training enhancements that translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice. ******************************************************************************************************** As … [Read more...]

Managing behavior challenges with people who have Down syndrome

This article looks at common behavior challenges of children with Down syndrome and discusses what families can do to address those challenges. From the National Down Syndrome Society. (posted December 10, 2012)  … [Read more...]

Emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges in children and adolescents

This Knowledge Path suite of resources comes from the Maternal and Child Health Library. It includes resources for professionals, for families, and for schools (each separately), as well as information about specific conditions. (posted December 18, 2012)  … [Read more...]

5 facts about behavior every family should know

From PBS' series on challenging behavior in children. (posted January 4, 2013)  … [Read more...]

Preventing & dealing with autism behavior problems

This help guide article provides valuable insights into how the behavior of a child with autism can be analyzed for its underlying messages about things that are important to the child. Using the approach detailed in the article can help parents notice clues they didn’t see before and find a more effective way to help their child.  The article describes how to pay close attention to the environment and circumstances leading up to the behavioral … [Read more...]

Supporting young children with challenging behavior| Training modules

Six Positive Beginnings training modules offer inservice and preservice educators materials to provide training to early interventionists, early educators, and related service professionals in the Positive Behavior Support process. Module titles are: (1) Social and Communication Development, (2) Determining the Meaning of Challenging Behavior, (3) Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, (4) Teaming to Build a Behavior Support Plan, (5) Interventions … [Read more...]

Parent guide to getting good care

When a child is struggling, or his behavior worries you, it can be hard to know whether you need to reach out to a professional. And if you do seek help, what kind of professional is right for your child? There are a bewildering number of specialists who diagnose and treat children with psychiatric and learning problems, and a wide range of treatments available, from behavioral to pharmaceutical. In this guide the Child Mind Institute takes you through … [Read more...]

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