Independent Living Connections

November 2009 | Links updated, May 2013 Independent living is about life, isn't it? It's about choice, seeing to your own affairs, and pursuing your talents, interests, passions, and selfhood as independently as possible. We all would like to see our young people grow to adulthood and find their place in the world, doing for themselves to the best of their ability. Disability can complicate independence, to be sure, which is why independent … [Read more...]

Effects of Interventions to Promote Self-Determination for Individuals with Disabilities

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 38 describes the following:Title | Effects of Interventions to Promote Self-Determination for Individuals with DisabilitiesAuthor | Algozzine, B., Browder, D., Karvonen, M., Test, D.W., & Wood, W.M.Source | Review of Educational Research, 71(2), 219-277.Year Published | 2001Abstract Self-determination, the combination of skills, knowledge, and beliefs that enable a person to engage in goal-directed, self-regulated, … [Read more...]

For students with disabilities: Be self-determined!

The I'm Determined project, funded by the Virginia Department of Education, focuses on providing students with disabilities with direct instruction, models, and opportunities to practice skills associated with self-determined behavior beginning at the elementary level and continuing through the student's educational career. … [Read more...]

Self-determination and independent living e-course

This seven-hour self-directed e-learning course has been created to help people with developmental disabilities, their parents, family members and friends, educators, and service providers understand the important concepts of self-determination, family support, community living and assistive technology. The course focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities, their family, and friends explore these four important elements that, together, … [Read more...]

Gateway to Self-Determination Web Portal

Interested in self-determination? Visit the Gateway to Self-Determination , a clearinghouse on resources, training, and information on Self-Determination. This site provides a single access for self-advocates, professionals, policy-makers and the general public on current best and evidence-based practices in enhancing self-determination in the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as any individual. … [Read more...]

Self-determination | Research to practice

This series, Research to Practice in Self-Determination, describes key issues in the field of developmental disabilities that can be enhanced by considering efforts to promote self-determination. The format for these issues includes definitions, a brief review of the literature, promising practices, applied examples, and targeted recommendations for scaling-up efforts. This series is intended for use by people with developmental disabilities, family … [Read more...]

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