Making Sense of Statistics in Research

Updated April 2013Author Dr. Barbara Smith Research Analyst, NICHCY Approx. 5 pages when printedWhen you read a research article, you're likely to run across descriptions of how the researchers analyzed the data they collected. There may be many terms about their statistical methods that leave you wondering, huh? In order to understand what the authors are trying to say, you need to understand their lingo. This Research Basic can help you do just … [Read more...]

Finding Statistics

Updated, August 2012 | Links updated, May 2013Looking for statistics for your own work, school paper, dissertation, proposal, or research? Let us connect you with organizations that do research and/or provide statistics on various topics, organized by the type of statistical information they provide. Use the links to jump to the area of your choice.Statistical Information on:the people and economy of the in the U.S.special educationdisabilitieschildren … [Read more...]

ED Data Express

This website will help you view some of the important data that the U.S. Department of Education collects from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. You can easily find information on your state ("State Snapshots") and even build your own state table. The site includes options to download information into Excel or manipulate the data within the website. The site currently includes data from EDFacts, Consolidated State Performance … [Read more...]

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