Parent Participation in Early Intervention

October 2010 Resources updated, August 2012 Families, most particularly parents, are vital participants in early intervention. Your contributions are invaluable: at the individual level where you are intimately involved in determining the services that your own child will receive; and at an organizational level determining policies and scope for EI programs. The resources below have been identified because they address the many dimensions … [Read more...]

Writing the IFSP for Your Child

Updated, December 2012 After your young child's evaluation is complete and he or she is found eligible for early intervention services, you, as parents, and a team will meet to develop a written plan for providing early intervention services to your child and, as necessary, to your family. This plan is called the Individualized Family Service Plan, or IFSP. The IFSP is a very important document, and you, as parents, are important members … [Read more...]

Evaluating Children for Disability

September 2010 In Spanish | en español Evaluation is an essential beginning step in the special education process for a child with a disability. Before a child can receive special education and related services for the first time, a full and individual initial evaluation of the child must be conducted to see if the child has a disability and is eligible for special education. Informed parent consent must be obtained before this evaluation may … [Read more...]

Parents on the IEP Team

September 2010 This information in Spanish | Esta información en español Parents have been recognized as vital members of the IEP Team since the passage of Public Law 94-142 in 1975. Everyone agrees that parents have an enduring and passionate interest in the well-being and education of their child. So it makes perfect sense that Congress would ensure that parents are represented on the IEP Team, front and center. The school must … [Read more...]

Scheduling the IEP Meeting and Notifying Parents

———————Alert! Alert! NICHCY’s website will only remain online until September 30, 2014. Most of its rich content has moved to a new home, the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR), where it can be kept up to date. The new address of Scheduling the IEP Meeting and Notifying Parents at the CPIR is:———————September 2010This info in Spanish | Esta información … [Read more...]

Is an Interpreter Needed?

September 2010 This info in Spanish | Esta información en español School systems must take the necessary steps to give parents the opportunity to understand the proceedings at an IEP team meeting. This includes... "...arranging for an interpreter for parents with deafness or whose native language is other than English." [§300.322(e)] Although this requirement is not new in IDEA, it is an important obligation for public agencies and … [Read more...]

Joint Book Reading Makes Success in Learning to Read: A Meta-Analysis on Intergenerational Transmission of Literacy

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 44 describes the following: Title | Joint Book Reading Makes Success in Learning to Read: A Meta-Analysis on Intergenerational Transmission of Literacy Author | Bus, A.G., Ijzendoorn van, M.H., & Pellegrini, A.D. Source | Review of Educational Research, 65(1),1-21. Year Published | 1995 Abstract Results of this quantitative analysis of empirical evidence related to parent-preschooler reading support the hypothesis … [Read more...]

Approaches to Parental Involvement for Improving the Academic Performance of Elementary School Age Children

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 68 describes the following: Title | Approaches to Parental Involvement for Improving the Academic Performance of Elementary School Age Children Authors | Nye, C., Turner, H. M., & Schwartz, J. B. Source | The Campbell Collaboration Library Available online at Year Published | 2006 Abstract Parent involvement programs have been assumed to … [Read more...]

Questions and Answers about IDEA: Parent Participation

Questions and Answers on IDEA (QA2) April 2009 | Links updated, May 2013PDF versionHow does IDEA ensure that families have meaningful opportunities to participate? That will be the focus of this Q&A—the solid foundation IDEA provides for parental involvement. Topics covered are:The Power of Parent ParticipationParental Rights to Participate, SummarizedParent NotificationParent ConsentResources of More InformationWe’ve used the word “you” … [Read more...]

Parental Right to Participate in Meetings

December 2010 In Spanish | En español The right to participate in meetings related to their child is one of the most important and powerful of parent rights. Parents have the right to participate in meetings with respect to the: their child's identification, their child's evaluation, their child's educational placement, and provision of FAPE (free appropriate public education) to their child. This includes the right to participate … [Read more...]

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