Subpart B of the Part C Regulations | State Eligibility and Requirements for a Statewide System

December 2012 If you’re looking for practical information, summaries, or how-to’s about early intervention in general, visit our Babies and Toddlers pages, where you’ll find what you’re looking for in abundance. The page you’re on right now gives you the exact words of Subpart B of the Part C regulations, which relate to "State Eligibility for a Grant and Requirements for a Statewide System," without explanation or commentary. e-CFR … [Read more...]

Informed clinical opinion

This paper looks at the term "informed clinical opinion" and addresses its meaning in the context of Part C, its effect on the determination of eligibility and why its documentation is necessary. From the ECTA Center. (posted April 29, 2013) … [Read more...]

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