Module 16: Children Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools

by Sheila Friedman, Ed.D.Office of Special Education ProgramsU.S. Department of Education August 2007 English only slideshow Handouts for Participants in English and in Spanish When parents elect to send their child with a disability to a private school at their own expense (even a religious school), the State still has obligations with respect to addressing the child's disability.  While those obligations are not the same as what's required for … [Read more...]

Q & A on serving children with disabilities placed by their parents at private schools

This is one of a series of question and answer (Q&A) documents prepared by OSERS at the U.S. Department of Education to address some of the most important issues raised by requests for clarification on a variety of high-interest topics.  The IDEA and its implementing regulations contain a number of significant changes for parentally placed private school children with disabilities. This Q&A document supersedes the Department’s guidance … [Read more...]

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