Parental Consent

December 2010 In Spanish | En español One of parents' most important rights is the right to give (or not give) their consent for certain actions of the school system with respect to their child with a disability. This short page will explain this right in detail. Quick-Jump Links Definition of "consent" Making sure parents have the info they need When will the school ask for a parent's consent? What happens if I don't give … [Read more...]

The Right to Disagree

December 2010 In Spanish | En español Parents have the right to disagree with decisions that the school system makes with respect to their child with a disability. This includes the school's decisions about: the identification of the child as a "child with a disability"; the child's evaluation; the child's educational placement; and the special education and related services that the school provides to the child. In this page, we'll explore this … [Read more...]

Module 17: Introduction to Procedural Safeguards

by Theresa Rebhorn and Lisa Küpper NICHCY | National Dissemination Center for Children with DisabilitiesAugust 2007**Este módulo está disponible en español: Introducción a las Garantías ProcesalesProcedural safeguards are an integral part of IDEA's requirements. They represent guarantees for parents and their child with disabilities, as well as offer both school and parents a variety of options for resolving any disagreements. Module 17 provides … [Read more...]

Special education FAQ

Even though parents receive a copy of special education rights and responsibilities at least once a year, often there is confusion about interpretation. This online article presents some recurring questions and answers about the protections offered under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Learn about the protections offered by special education law. (posted January 10, 2013)   … [Read more...]

OCR guidance | It’s illegal to retaliate against a person filing a discrimination complaint

This guidance from the Office for Civil Rights focuses on the protections provided by Federal law when individuals file civil rights discrimination complaints, including complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability. This Dear Colleague letter strongly reminds school districts, postsecondary institutions, and other recipients that it is illegal to retaliate against individuals filing such complaints. The letter clarifies the basic principles … [Read more...]

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