Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students

September 2010 For many students with disabilities—and for many without—the key to success in the classroom lies in having appropriate adaptations, accommodations, and modifications made to the instruction and other classroom activities. Some adaptations are as simple as moving a distractible student to the front of the class or away from the pencil sharpener or the window. Other modifications may involve changing the way that material is … [Read more...]

Program Modifications for School Personnel

September 2010 Developing a student's IEP also includes identifying the program modifications or supports for school personnel that will be provided to enable the child to…do the specific things listed in IDEA's provisions. Have a look. IDEA's Exact Words As stated at §300.320(a)(4) (and no doubt very familiar to you by now, if you've been reading these articles in order), each child's IEP must contain: (4) A statement of the special … [Read more...]

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