Recruiting and Retaining Teachers

October 2010 Revised May 2013 Volumes have been written about the challenge of recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers in general and special education. Shortages of qualified educators have long been a serious concern for school systems, especially in rural areas and in low-performing, high-need schools. To help you take on the challenges of recruiting and retaining teachers in general and special education, here's a wealth of resources … [Read more...]

Guides and How To’s

Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers Updated October 2010 Summaries are good for getting to the meat of a matter, but when it comes time to take action--in this case, doing something to address your concerns with teacher recruitment and retention-- then "practical" is the way to go. We're talking about guides that tell you "how to do" or "what to do." Try the ones below for starters. ________________________________ Compendium … [Read more...]

What Does the Research Say?

Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers Updated, May 2013 Why do so many teachers leave the profession? What encourages them to stay? Not surprising, a fair amount of research has been conducted to answers these critical questions. We've listed quick links to much of that research below. ______________________________________ Special education teacher retention and attrition. A 47-page critical analysis of the … [Read more...]

Mentoring New Teachers

Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers October 2010Updated, May 2013 “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – Japanese ProverbMentoring teachers who are new to the profession is frequently mentioned as an effective strategy for improving both new teachers' skills and the likelihood that they will stay in the profession. A lot has been written about the merits of creating a community … [Read more...]

Communities of Practice

Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining TeachersOctober 2010Updated, May 2013 We didn't all come over on the same ship, but we're all in the same boat. ---Barnard Baruch Has the time come to consider the merits of forming or joining a community of practice? CoP, for short. These are proliferating to improve professional practice across the spectrum of professions--groups of people with a common concern who unite to discuss, decide, … [Read more...]

How to retain your special education teachers

Addressing the Revolving Door: How to Retain Your Special Education Teachers is a training module from the IRIS Center. It's designed to help frame discussions at the state and local level to address special education teacher retention issues. … [Read more...]

Recruiting and retaining teachers: What matters most?

This article by Linda Darling-Hammond reviews the nature of the recruit/retain challenge, looks at the key approaches being used to address the challenge, and discusses what government can do to improve recruitment and retention of teachers. (posted May 9, 2013) … [Read more...]

Retaining and developing high-quality new teachers

The executive summary of Tapping the Potential: Retaining and Developing High-Quality New Teachers states that "There is no question that the implementation of effective, comprehensive induction can make a critical difference in our schools’ ability to attract and retain high-quality teachers" (p. 5). The report looks at what an comprehensive induction program for new teachers is, and what it is not. The bulk of the report focuses on the components … [Read more...]

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