Research Center

February 2012 Looking for research-based information to guide your work with children with disabilities? You've come to the right place! We're pleased to connect you to the knowledge base that the field has accumulated over years of investigation and practice. _____________________________________________ Research Basics Learn all about education research:  how it's conducted, how to read and understand a research article, sources of research … [Read more...]

Evidence for Education

October 2010 NICHCY's online Evidence for Education modules and downloadable PDF's explore the best evidence-based practices education has to offer. So who are they for, exactly? Well, they're for you, exactly--that is, if you're interested in learning more about what works in teaching children with disabilities. Each of us within the education community has a role to play in implementing practices based on the best available evidence--from … [Read more...]

Special Education

Updated March 2013This info in Spanish | Esta información en español The IEP must also contain a statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services to be provided to the child, or on behalf of the child. That's three separate, distinct, and critical elements--special education, related services, and supplementary aids and services--and each is worthy of a book on its own.Don't worry! We won't write a book-length … [Read more...]

Understanding How The Brain Learns

Links updated, April 2013This page connects you with resources of more information on the ever-developing story of brain research, which has brought an explosion of excitement and promise to our understanding of ourselves. As we discover more and more about the brain and its function, responsibilities, and organization, we hopefully can translate findings into educational programs, practices, and policies that take advantage of what we've learned … [Read more...]

Effective Staff Development

October 2010 Resources updated, April 2013NICHCY is pleased to offer you this page of resources focused primarily upon staff development for teachers (both general and special educators) and the paraprofessionals who assist them in the classroom. Whether you're a school administrator responsible for the professional development of others, or a teacher or a paraprofessional looking after your own professional development, we hope you'll find information … [Read more...]

What Does the Research Say?

Additional resources for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers Updated, May 2013 Why do so many teachers leave the profession? What encourages them to stay? Not surprising, a fair amount of research has been conducted to answers these critical questions. We've listed quick links to much of that research below. ______________________________________ Special education teacher retention and attrition. A 47-page critical analysis of the … [Read more...]

The Power of Strategy Instruction

by Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. Evidence for Education, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2006 Links updated, October 2010 Download PDF Table of Contents Introduction Early Studies of the Good Learner Spotlight on...the SIM Model SIM Content Literacy Continuum: A Working Example Spotlight on...SRSD for Writing Combining Strategy Instruction with Direct Instruction Promise Beyond LD Conclusion If you've ever played the game of chess, chances are you … [Read more...]

Social Skills and Academic Achievement

Evidence for Education, Volume III, Issue 2 August 2008 (Links updated, February 2011) by Kathlyn M. Steedly, Ph.D., Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D., Michael Levin, M.A., & Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. PDF version Table of Contents Introduction Social Skills - What Are They? What the Research Says Group 1: Beginning Social Skills What About Maria? Putting Programs Into Practice Conclusion Additional Info References Introduction Maria, … [Read more...]

Effective Mathematics Instruction

by Kathlyn Steedly, Ph.D., Kyrie Dragoo, M.Ed., Sousan Arefeh, Ph.D., & Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. Evidence for Education  • Volume III • Issue I • 2008 Links updated, August 2012 Download PDF Table of Contents What Students Need to Know and We Need To Teach How Disabilities Can Affect Math Achievement Effective Math Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties Choosing and Using Effective Math Intervention Strategies Glossary References _________________________ “Can … [Read more...]

Assessment and Accommodations

by Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D., & Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D.Evidence for Education, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2007 Resources updated, October 2010Download PDFTable of Contents Introduction The Big Picture: Expectations, Content, and Testing Deciding Which Accommodations a Student Needs Types of Accommodations What Does the Research Say? What About Alternate Assessments? The Value of Progress Monitoring Conclusion References The world is full of examples of accommodations … [Read more...]

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