Research Terms

October 2010NICHCY is pleased to provide this handy reference page to research terminology, and hope it helps our readers quickly connect with the meaning of pivotal words and phrases in the field.Quick-Jump MenuTerms beginning with:ABC-DE-HI-MN-QR-ST-Z Are You Ready? Here Goes!Ability Grouping | The practice of arranging students in groups based on similar ability. Ability grouping is grounded in the belief that this arrangement allows each group … [Read more...]

Research 101

Updated August 2012 | Links updated, May 2013Authors Dr. Barbara Smith & Kyrie DragooTable of ContentsThe research processWhat's in a research paper?Is this a good research paper?How do the pros define quality?Writing research reportsHow teachers can use researchThere's an ever-increasing emphasis on using research to make decisions regarding children with disabilities in all their aspects--best practices for educating them, raising them, training … [Read more...]

Research 102

Updated August 2012 Wondering what all those research terms mean, and how much weight can you put on the conclusions the research authors draw? This Research 102 page takes a look at some basic research processes for adding up the evidence from individual studies and drawing bigger conclusions---about patterns and trends in what works and what doesn't. Table of Contents Research Reviews Meta-analyses What is Effect Size? Applications … [Read more...]

Special Education Research: Where to Start?

Updated August 2012It's important to use well-grounded research to make decisions regarding children with disabilities. But where to start unraveling the mysteries of the research that's out there? Research isn't something you can take off a shelf and apply blindly to your circumstances. There are many factors to consider before deciding that a specific research approach matches your situation, your students or teachers, your socio-economic setting, … [Read more...]

Weighing Information for Its Worth

Updated November 2010 NICHCY's web resource pages are designed to put you in quick contact with information that's readily available on the Internet. But if you've traveled the web searching for information, you've probably already discovered that sometimes it's like being hit by a tidal wave. How do you weigh what you're seeing? This page takes up that very real concern. As we rely more and more on the Internet for information, and as we seek … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Statistics in Research

Updated April 2013Author Dr. Barbara Smith Research Analyst, NICHCY Approx. 5 pages when printedWhen you read a research article, you're likely to run across descriptions of how the researchers analyzed the data they collected. There may be many terms about their statistical methods that leave you wondering, huh? In order to understand what the authors are trying to say, you need to understand their lingo. This Research Basic can help you do just … [Read more...]

Finding Statistics

Updated, August 2012 | Links updated, May 2013Looking for statistics for your own work, school paper, dissertation, proposal, or research? Let us connect you with organizations that do research and/or provide statistics on various topics, organized by the type of statistical information they provide. Use the links to jump to the area of your choice.Statistical Information on:the people and economy of the in the U.S.special educationdisabilitieschildren … [Read more...]

Understanding Research Studies in the News

by Kyrie Dragoo National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) Heard on the News: Exciting results today from a research study showing that children who have… Heard Around Town: Have you thought about XYZ intervention? It just might work for your child…. Sound familiar? Ever had your interest piqued by such news of research with children who have disabilities? We know we have. Education research is great, … [Read more...]

Effect size matters in educational research

A blog by Robert Slavin for Education Week, explaining why the effect sizes reported in educational research matters and what it means. (posted January 10, 2013) … [Read more...]

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