Effective Mathematics Instruction

by Kathlyn Steedly, Ph.D., Kyrie Dragoo, M.Ed., Sousan Arefeh, Ph.D., & Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. Evidence for Education  • Volume III • Issue I • 2008 Links updated, August 2012 Download PDF Table of Contents What Students Need to Know and We Need To Teach How Disabilities Can Affect Math Achievement Effective Math Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties Choosing and Using Effective Math Intervention Strategies Glossary References _________________________ “Can … [Read more...]

Mathematics Interventions for Children with Special Needs

NICHCY's Structured Abstract 25 describes the following: Title | Mathematics Interventions for Children with Special Needs Author | Kroesbergen, E.H., & Van Luit, J.E.H. Source | Remedial and Special Education, 24(2), 97-114. Year Published | 2003 Abstract This article presents results of a meta-analysis of 58 studies of mathematics intervention for elementary students with special needs. Studies in preparatory mathematics, basic … [Read more...]

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