The Power of Strategy Instruction

by Stephen D. Luke, Ed.D. Evidence for Education, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2006 Links updated, October 2010 Download PDF Table of Contents Introduction Early Studies of the Good Learner Spotlight on...the SIM Model SIM Content Literacy Continuum: A Working Example Spotlight on...SRSD for Writing Combining Strategy Instruction with Direct Instruction Promise Beyond LD Conclusion If you've ever played the game of chess, chances are you … [Read more...]

Students with Learning Disabilities and the Process of Writing

NICHCY's structured abstract 19 describes the following: Title | Students with Learning Disabilities and the Process of Writing: A Meta-Analysis of SRSD Studies Author | Graham, S., & Harris, K. R. Source | In H. L. Swanson, K. R. Harris, & S. Graham (Eds.), Handbook of learning disabilities (pp. 323-344). New York: Guilford Press. Year Published | 2003   Abstract The Handbook of Learning Disabilities (LD) is an edited compendium … [Read more...]

SOS: Helping students become independent learners

This online module, created by the IRIS Center for Training Enhancements at Vanderbilt University, provides information on helping students become independent learners. The module focuses on understanding self-regulation techniques and how to implement them, the four main types of self-regulation strategies, and the steps used to implement each of these strategies. (posted May 3, 2012)   … [Read more...]

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