Learning Disabilities (LD)

NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet 7 (FS-7) January 2011PDF versionEn españolIn This Publication:Sara’s storyWhat are learning disabilities?How common are they?What are the signs?About the evaluation processWhat if the school declines to evaluate your child?Definition of "specific learning disabilities" under IDEAAdditional evaluation procedures for LDWhat about school?Tips and resources for teachersTips and resources for parents____________________________ Sara’s … [Read more...]

Module 11: Identification of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

by Patricia Hozella Office of Special Education Programs U.S. Department of Education April 2007 English only slideshow Handouts for Participants in both English and Spanish Module 11 looks closely at the process by which schools identify that a child has a specific learning disability (LD). While all of the requirements discussed in Modules 9 and 10 also apply to evaluating a child for the presence of LD, there are many additional requirements … [Read more...]

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