The Unplanned Journey

When You Learn That Your Child Has a Disabilityby Carole Brown, Samara Goodman, and Lisa Küpper Originally published 1992 2nd edition, 2003 Updated, 2010The birth of a child with a disability, or the discovery that a child has a disability, can have profound effects on the family. In “You are Not Alone,” Patricia McGill Smith offers the insights that she and others have gained through their own experience of having a child with a disability. … [Read more...]

Sibling Issues

Revised May 2013In any family, each sibling is unique, important, and special. So are the relationships they have with each other. Brothers and sisters influence each other and play important roles in each other's lives. Indeed, sibling relationships make up a child's first social network and are the basis for his or her interactions with people outside the family.Brothers and sisters are playmates first; as they mature, they take on new roles with … [Read more...]

New potentials: Rethinking disability through my sister’s eyes

by Lisa Tolentino September 22, 2011 Lisa Tolentino is an interaction designer, experimental percussionist, and Media Arts and Sciences doctoral student through the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) at Arizona State University. Lisa leads a team of special education teachers, designers, and education researchers to create interactive game-like scenarios where youth with interpersonal challenges (like those in autism) can exercise … [Read more...]

About brothers and sisters

This series of articles looks at the challenges and triumphs of siblings of kids with special needs, with book excerpts and reviews that focus on their sibling issues and a chance for parents to give them a special cheer. (posted September 21, 2012) … [Read more...]

Helping your kids understand their sibling’s fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

This 16-page resource guide includes suggestions for parents about discussing FASD with siblings. It also lists the challenges faced by children with an FASD, and the fears, pressures, and confusion often felt by siblings. (posted November 5, 2012)  … [Read more...]

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