Speech and Language Impairments

NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet 11 (FS11) January 2011, Resources updated April 2013 Approximately 7 pages when printed.PDF versionEn español | In SpanishTable of Contents Day in the life of an SLPDefinition of SL impairmentsDevelopment of SL skillsCharacteristics of SL impairmentsCausesIncidenceFinding helpEducational considerationsTips for teachersTips for parentsResources of more info  A Day in the Life of an SLPChristina is a speech-language pathologist. … [Read more...]

Didn’t Find the Disability You Were Looking For?

If you didn't find the disability of your interest listed in our fact sheets or in IDEA's disability categories, don't give up quite yet. We have three specific suggestions! Look within IDEA's definitions Is it a rare disorder? Use the SEARCH box   ________________________ Suggestion 1: Check the alphabetical list below to see if the disability is listed there. Many of IDEA's disability categories and definitions explicitly mention … [Read more...]

10 ways to help young children who stutter

By following these recommendations of the National Stuttering Association (NSA), parents and others can build a solid foundation for making good decisions about the child’s speech and language skills and give the child the best opportunity for improving his or her fluency and communication. (posted December 10, 2012)http://www.nsastutter.org/pdfs/newsletters/m_418.pdf  … [Read more...]

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