Accommodations: Instructional and testing supports for students with disabilities

Accommodations: Instructional and Testing Supports for Students with Disabilities is a professional development and training module for educators. The module provides an overview of accommodations for students with disabilities. (posted April 24, 2013) … [Read more...]

Supporting young children with challenging behavior| Training modules

Six Positive Beginnings training modules offer inservice and preservice educators materials to provide training to early interventionists, early educators, and related service professionals in the Positive Behavior Support process. Module titles are: (1) Social and Communication Development, (2) Determining the Meaning of Challenging Behavior, (3) Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, (4) Teaming to Build a Behavior Support Plan, (5) Interventions … [Read more...]

Including infants and toddlers with disabilities | Training modules

SpecialQuest developed these training materials for individuals who work with infants and toddlers who have disabilities. Divided into 9 different sections, the modules include a video (available in English and Spanish), a facilitator's guide, and handouts for trainees. Sessions focus on developing a vision for inclusion, enhancing staff's confidence and comfort, making inclusion happen for families, and how to use specialized activities and accommodations … [Read more...]

Module 9: Development of the Transition Plan

February 2014 As toddlers receiving early intervention services approach their third birthday, it’s time to start planning ahead for when they (and their families) leave the Part C system and move on to either Part B services or other appropriate programs or services. Module 9 focuses on the development of a transition plan for the exiting toddler with disabilities. Its companion, Module 8, provides an overview to the transition process. You … [Read more...]

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