Preparing teachers to provide effective learning strategy instruction

Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in Effective Learning Strategy Instruction describes learning strategies and how learning strategy instruction can effectively transform ineffective learners into effective learners. The author also explains the kinds of knowledge and skills teachers must acquire to be competent learning strategy instructors and makes recommendations related to teacher training programs that specifically address learning … [Read more...]

Teacher preparation to deliver inclusive services to students with disabilities

This Issue Paper briefly reviews the legal and policy foundations and best professional practices for inclusive services. It also discusses the key components of inclusive services that should be incorporated in teacher preparation at the preservice and inservice levels and offers an Inclusive Services Innovation Configuration, which can be used to evaluate general and special education teacher preparation and professional development programs. … [Read more...]

What do those symptoms mean?

Investigate using the Symptom Checker, sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Working from a diagram of the body, click on the body part that's being affected. The Symptom Checker will help you narrow the problem to fit your situation (as much as possible, anyway!), will describe it medically, suggest when to call for help, and give care advice. Find all this at: … [Read more...]

Special Education Life Skills

Life skills are essential to job functioning, and they are important to include in instruction for students with special needs. This resource comes from   … [Read more...]

Including children with disabilities in state pre-K programs

This 21-page policy brief is from the Education Law Center.  … [Read more...]

Comparing child care quality rating systems

A number of states are developing Quality Rating Systems to improve the quality of early care and education programs for young children. Here's a new compendium profiling 26 child care Quality Rating Systems.  … [Read more...]

WWC reports focus on multisensory programs for students with LD

The What Works Clearinghouse offersd Intervention Reports that review the research on Orton-Gillingham-based programs for students with learning disabilities.  … [Read more...]

Resource guide to developing a Quality Rating and Improvement System

Many states have implemented a statewide QRIS to assess the level of quality in early childhood care and education programs. The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center provides this online QRIS Resource Guide to help states and communities better understand key issues and decision points during the planning and implementation of such a system. It contains an explanation and history of QRIS, descriptions of the key components … [Read more...]

Differences in how “disability” is defined in federal laws for children and for adults

This December 2010 report is the Country Report for the United States, written to capture our status at the moment regarding Pathways for Disabled Students to Tertiary Education and Employment. Chapter 1 will give you the ultimate authoritative summation of how the federal laws in the United States define the term “disability.” These definitions have important implications for youths with disabilities as they transition to adulthood and to education, … [Read more...]

What U.S. laws and policies provide “pathways” for students with disabilities to life after high school?

This December 2010 report is the Country Report for the United States, written to capture our status at the moment regarding Pathways for Disabled Students to Tertiary Education and Employment. The title’s a mouthful, but the content is a gold mine. It’s precise and authoritative about the U.S. policies and laws in…well…look at the title again! The report was written through the teaming of multiple federal agencies. Inside you’ll find a … [Read more...]

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