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Transcript of video in Word

NICHCY is pleased to provide this transcript of our video on how to create a Pinterest board on YouTube. The script details:

Graphic of the video NICHCY created on how to make a Pinterest board

  • what the narrator says
  • what the narrator does
  • what the screen on the computer shows

The video is available online at:


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Read the Companion Blog to Get Started

For preliminary steps in setting up a Pinterest board, please see our accompanying blog, which will lead you through what you need to do to get started on Pinterest.

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Transcript of Video

The narrator’s words are captured in bold below (using Header 4). The text in brackets tells what the narrator does on the computer and then what the computer screen shows. The narrator is the Project Director of NICHCY, Elaine Mulligan.

We’re going to make a new board today for assistive technology resources.

The first thing I want to do is go to the first page that I want to “pin,” which would be NICHCY’s Assistive Technology Act page.

[ Navigates to the NICHCY Assistive Technology Act page, at: ]

[ The screen shows the NICHCY page, which includes an image of an assistive technology device that aids communication ]

Now I have a little bookmark for the “Pin It” option…

[ Clicks on her bookmark tab at the top of the screen ]

[ The bookmark tab opens as a drop-down list of all her bookmarks, one of which is Pin It ]

so I’m going to just pin it…

[ Selects the Pin It bookmark from the drop-down menu her machine gives her ]

[ The Pinterest pallet shows, with the title Pinterest at the top and two images below that are actually on the NICHCY Assistive Technology Act page ]

…and then Pinterest will find all of the images on the page and ask me which I would like to pin.

I would like to pin this image…

[ Clicks on the image of the assistive technology device that aids communication that appears on the NICHCY page ]

[ A dialogue box comes up, showing three distinct parts: Title, Description Box in the middle, and the red Pin It button at the bottom ]

 [ The dialogue box is partially filled in, as follows:

  • Title: “Babies & Toddlers”
  • Description: Photo of an assistive technology device that aids communication ]

…and this will select which board it will be pinned on. I have my menu of boards here…

[ Takes her cursor to the title bar in the dialogue box, clicks on the drop-down arrow at the end of the title bar ]

[ Drop-down options appear---it’s a list of the different Pininterest boards narrator has created in the past]

…or I can create a new board, which I’ll do.

[ Scrolls to the bottom of the list of boards she’s created in the past, and a blank box appears at the bottom of the dialogue box. It says “Create” and is where you can type in the name of a new board. ]

[ Types “Assistive Technology” into the blank “Create” box, then presses Create.]

 I create that board.

 [ The title bar now shows the title “Assistive Technology.” ]

 And then I can describe this however I’d like. I’m just going to put the name of the page… and it will link directly to the page where I pulled this from.

[ Moves to the description box and removes existing text. Types in “NICHCY’s Assistive Technology Act.” Clicks the red Pin It button below the description box.]

So I just click Pin It, and I have pinned it.

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I have some other resources I’d like to pin, so I just go to those particular pages…

[ Navigates to another resource she’d like to feature on her Assistive Technology board, the website of the Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD) ]

… click on my Pin It button…

[ Selects bookmarks from her task bar at the top of the screen ]

[ The list of her bookmarks appears, showing Pin It in the list ]

[ Selects Pin It from the bookmark list ]

[ The Pinterest pallet shows, with Pinterest at the top and three images below that appear on the webpage of the FCTD ]

…. let’s see… how about I select this image?

[Clicks on the image of a resource from the FCTD, a CD of assistive technology ]

[ The Pin It software then displays, showing Assistive Technology in the title bar, “2012 AT CD Cover” in the description box, and the red Pin It button]

…And I will just describe it.

[ Removes text in the description box ]

[ Uses the cursor to indicate the title bar, which reads “Assistive Technology” ]

It’s already in the board that I want, which is the one I was working on…

[ Types into description box “Family Center on Technology and Disability” ]

[ Clicks clicks the red Pin It button]

…and pin it.

[ Screen shows this text: Success! pin was pinned to Assistive Technology ]

I will do one more, just so you can see.

[ Navigates to the third resource she’d like to put on her Pinterest board for assistive technology ]

So here is the Pacer Center’s AT Center. I would like to pin this, so I click on my “Pin It”…

[ Selects her bookmarks, clicks on the Pin It bookmark ]

[ The Pinterest pallet comes up, shows the images that appear on the Pacer Center’s AT Center page ]

… ummm…that’s probably a good image to grab…

[ Selects the image she wants to use on her board ]

…again I’m on the right board….

[ Shows with her cursor that she’s looking at the title bar in the Pinterest dialogue box, which reads “Assistive Technology” ]

[ Moves the cursor the description box, which reads “Simon Technology Center – Assistive Devices, Augmentative Communication Devices“ ]

… and it’s a pretty good description…

[ Does not replace the text in the description box ]

[ Clicks the red Pin it button ]

… so I will just pin in.

[ Screen shows this text: Success! pin was pinned to Assistive Technology ]

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So let’s see what my board looks like now.

[ Clicks on her page at Pinterest ]

[ Screen shows the jumble of Pinterest boards that the narrator has created ]

I’m going to refresh my homepage on Pinterest, where my board page is…

[ Clicks on the REFRESH icon in her browser window ]

[ Jumble of her boards now shows that a board on Assistive Technology exists ]

. ..and here I have a board on Assistive Technology with three pins.

[ Moves the cursor over to the Assistive Technology board ]

[ Clicks on the board ]

If I open it up, I have those three pins with my descriptions

[ Screen shows the Assistive Technology board alone and its three pins (images of the three resources she pinned), with their descriptions below ]

…and if I wanted to go to any of them, I would just click on it, and go directly to that resource.

 [ Moves the cursor over all three pins and clicks on the middle image (the FCTD resource) ]

 [ Pinterest pallet appears, since narrator is signed in as working on the board ]

 [ Clicks on the image in the pallet ]

 [ The pinned resource page at the FCTD appears ]

 And there we have it, a brand-new board that I can add more resources to, and I can share it with my followers, both on Pinterest and I can share it on other social media as well.

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